NETS Graduation Requirement


MUHSD students must demonstrate their understanding of CyberSafety by passing a test in order to graduate. Students receive a combination of in-person and online instruction to prepare for the test.

NETS 5 Online CyberSafety Modules

Final NETS 5 CyberSafety Test (You must be logged in with your MUHSD google account.)


MUHSD students must pass a typing test or successfully complete a computer applications (keyboarding) course in order to graduate.

  • Typing tests will be administered to all freshmen students.
  • Students must pass the test under the supervision of a staff member.
    • Passing Score: 30 words per minute at 80% accuracy.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a student can take the test.
  • Passing scores will be recorded in AERIES.
  • Practice modules available below.
  • Take the test.

Practice your typing with these games.

Peter's Typing Club
Typing Games Treasure
Aliens Attack Typing Game