Rob Strickland

Title: Retired Teacher & Aquatics Coach

Inductee Year: 2019-2020

Years of Service at GVHS


Biography of time at GVHS and/or Activities involved with at GVHS.

--1993-2014, Freshman Social Studies Teacher, AP US History Teacher, US History teacher,

--1993-1995, Water polo Coach

--WASC Accreditation Team Leader

--Social Studies Department Department head

Other Accomplishments Outside of GVHS

--Proud husband, father and grandfather

-- Founding Member of Stone Ridge Christian High School in Merced,

--Member of the Atwater High and Merced College Athletic Hall of Fames.

Favorite memories of GVHS

Wonderful group of people on our staff; Outstanding students and the working environment on our campus.

--The great flood where students were able to paddle a canoe in our football stadium.

--Working with former students who taught at GV with me such as Derek Price and Brianna Pivirotto, Josh Collins

--Staff rallies where we performed for the students.