Donna Ivy

Title: Original Administrative Assistant at GV

Inductee Year: 2019-2020

Years of Service at GVHS

1994 - 2001

Biography of time here at GV and/or Activities involved with here at GVHS.

  • 1993-1994 Made a scrapbook for Golden Valley that included all newspaper articles of how the name, boundaries, colors and mascot were chosen and pictures.
  • Made scrapbooks 1994 - 2001 (newspaper articles pictures and all activities).
  • On football field and dugout taking pictures of the teams and the pictures were given to students and put in scrapbooks.
  • Took pictures of graduation, basketball, wrestling, soccer (boys/girls), softball some swimming, water polo and tennis
  • Have attended all graduation ceremonies from 1996 to 2018 and have all graduation programs from 1996 to 2018
  • Have copies of all yearbooks from 1995 - 2018

Other Accomplishments Outside of GVHS

  • Worked 4 hours a day at the MUHSD Office when I was a junior in high school 1962 till my graduation in 1964
  • Worked full time at the District on and off between having 2 children
  • 1971-72 worked in the Book Room at North Campus
  • 1972-74 worked in the Counseling Office at North Campus
  • 1974-83 worked in the Counseling Office at Atwater High
  • 1983-1994 was Principal’s Secretary at East Campus

Favorite memories of GVHS

  • Watching Golden Valley High School being built into an amazing school
  • Working with all of the students and watching them mature - I love teenagers
  • Traveling on the bus with the varsity football team
  • Having the 2001 Yearbook dedicated to me
  • Being named Grand Marshal of the Homecoming Parade in 2013 and having one of my granddaughters ride in the parade with me