2020-2021 School Year Update on Chromebook & MiFi Insurance

We highly encourage all students to purchase insurance for Chromebooks & MiFi for the 2020-2021 School Year.

  • Insurance is combined for both Chromebooks & MiFi:

    • Pricing:

      • $30 for 9th Grade Students

      • $25 for 10th Grade Students

      • $20 for 11th/12th Grade Students

  • If there is existing insurance on Chromebooks, students will not be billed for the extra $5 for the MiFi this year only. New insurance purchases will be at the new price.



Chromebooks have been provided for GVHS students as instructional tools that support teaching and learning.

Chromebooks QuickFacts

  • Students must return a signed Responsible Use Policy to the library before receiving a Chromebook.
  • Students are issued Chromebooks at the beginning of the school year.
  • Chromebooks are turned in at the end of the school year unless the student is attending summer school.
  • Students will be issued the same Chromebook they had the previous year.
  • Students are responsible for taking good care of their Chromebooks. 
  • Damage, theft, or other Chromebook issues should be reported to the library immediately.
  • Chromebook insurance is available.
  • Only apps and extensions from the Chrome Store should be downloaded to Chromebooks.

Chromebook Support & Troubleshooting

Having Chromebook issues? This document includes some fixes that you can do at home. Contact the library staff for help with your Chromebook troubleshooting if you cannot determine which fix to try

If that doesn't work, a physical repair may be required. We can arrange for exchanges as needed. If you think you need a loaner Chromebook, contact us through one of these channels:

  1. Complete the Chromebook Dilemma FORM so that we may properly assist you with your issue.
  2. Or email
  3. Or call the school at 325-1800.

We highly encourage all students to purchase Chromebook insurance.

Chromebook Insurance Information Webpage