School Pride

New Items in SBO

Don't know what to get someone for Christmas? Check out all of the new items we have in the SBO!
GV Popsockets- $4 or use 100 Paw Points
GV Mugs- $15
GV Hats- $15 / $17 or use 200 Points
GV Beanies- $13/ $15 or use 150 Paw Points
GV Sweatshirts- $25 / $28 or use 300 Paw Points
GV REVERSIBLE Sweatshirts- $35 / $38 or use 400 Paw Points
GV 1/4 zip longsleeve- $30/ $35 or use 350 Paw Points

Phone Holder
Phone Holder

Cougar Pride!

Principal Swartwood asks every student to show their Cougar PRIDE by doing the following:

  1. Come to school every day
  2. Be on time
  3. Dress appropriately
  4. Get involved in a club, activity, sport, or any of our co-curricular offerings.
  5. Respect your school – pick up after yourself.

By doing these 5 things every day, our students are prepared to become strong independent learners.

GV Fight Song

Golden Valley Golden Valley

Champions all in line

Take the action to the foe a score is sure this time

Rah Rah Rah

Golden Valley Golden Valley

Cougars are not tamed

Fight cougars fight fight fight

Well win this game

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