Intervention, our 5th period class, is designed to provide students a variety of opportunities. GVHS has an intervention committee that features a teacher from each department, a counselor, associate principal, and the mentor coordinators. The committee looks at data in order to continually improve the intervention program for all stakeholders.

General Intervention Information

  • Intervention placements change every five weeks with the grading cycles.
  • All freshmen are enrolled in a Freshman Advisory Class for 5th period.
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors who earned below a 2.67 GPA OR have a D or an F at any GPA are placed into a relevant intervention class.
  • Faculty do their best to place students with their actual teacher, but this is not always possible. However, a pass system is in place to allow students to work with their teacher as needed.
  • If parents or students think they might be better served being placed in a different tutorial, they should contact the student's counselor.

For details about each type of intervention, see below.

Freshman Advisory

  • All Freshman students are enrolled in a 5th period advisory class with a teacher and Link Crew mentors.
  • Activities in the class vary: school orientation lessons, icebreaker games, study hall, tutorial help, etc.
  • Later in the school year freshmen students can earn extended lunch privileges for some days provided that they meet the requirements.


  • All 10th-12th grade students are placed in a tutorial if they have below a 2.67 and/or if they have a D or an F.
  • The subject they are assigned to is based off the student's lowest grade.
  • Most SpEd students are placed with their case manager.
  • Math and science tutorials generally have academic mentors to help students with assignments.


Students may apply to be either a Link Mentor or an Academic Mentor.
  • Link mentors work with our Freshman Advisory program helping our newest Cougars become a part of the school community.
  • Academic mentors are assigned to tutorials or other periods in the school day to help students deepen their understanding of concepts and strengthen their skills.

Incentives for being a mentor include discounts on prom tickets, community service hours, special cords at graduation. For more details about these incentives and the mentor program, check out our Mentor Application.

Earning Extended Lunch Privileges

In order to earn extended lunch, students must meet the following criteria:

  • GPA higher than 2.67.
  • No D or F grades.
  • No obligations

One of the benefits of extended lunch is that students can go off-campus for lunch on specified days.