Graduation Requirements


Coursework and Credits:

English: 40 Credits

9th English 1

10th English 2

11th English 3

12th CSU Expository Read & Writing

Social Studies: 40 Credits

9th Freshman Seminar/Health & Wellness

10th World History

11th U.S. History

12th Economics/U.S. Government

Mathematics: 20 Credits

Must complete two (2) courses in mathematics during the 9th-12th grades, to include at least one course (which could be taken in 7th or 8th grades) that covers the standards of Algebra 1. The Algebra 1 requirement will be met through completion of any of the Integrated Mathematics courses taught at G.V.

Science: 30 Credits

Must complete three (3) full courses: one life science, one physical science, and one elective science (any additional science course of the student’s choice or the school’s recommendation).

World Languages / Fine Arts / CTE*: 10 Credits

Must complete one (1) course from any of these course categories. See your counselor or the Course Catalog for more information about offerings.

Physical Education (PE): 20 Credits

9th PE 1 / Band PE* / Athletics* / Pep Squad*

10th PE 2 / Band PE* / Athletics* / Pep Squad*

*Must meet requirements for enrollment. May be repeated for credit.

Electives: 60 Credits

Elective credits are earned for any additional course(s) taken once the minimum requirement has been met in a given subject area, or for courses that don't qualify for credit in any other category described above. Elective credits may be earned for academic or non-academic coursework. Students must choose at least 20 credits of CTE-approved coursework (see below for more information). Some elective credits may include mandatory courses assigned by the principal or designee for students who are failing to make adequate progress in the academic program.

Total Credits Required for Graduation: 220 Credits (minimum)

*Additional Requirements

Career Technical Education (CTE) Requirement: Starting with the Class of 2020, all students must complete a minimum of 20 credits of CTE-approved coursework. The 20 credits may come from any subject area or Career Pathway, and may simultaneously be used to meet another requirement (i.e. Fine Arts). Students who complete 30 credits (three complete courses) in a single pathway will receive special recognition upon graduation.

*Note about Semester Credit: Five (5) credits are granted each semester for every class successfully completed. A minimum of 220 credits must be earned, in subject areas as described above, in order to graduate.

Graduating with Honors

Valedictorian/Salutatorian: Valedictorian is the highest rank in the graduating class and shall be awarded to the student(s) who qualify as determined by MUHSD board policy AR 5127. Salutatorian is the second-highest rank in the class, and shall be identified by site administration based on overall (total, weighted) GPA.

Gold Cord: A gold honor cord is awarded to graduates who have maintained a 3.5 G.P.A. throughout four (4) years of high school.

Silver Cord: Students performing voluntary community service may earn recognition for their work by keeping a record of the hours they contribute. Students earn a silver honor cord by accumulating 250 hours or more of service. If you begin early and add hours each year, it's easy and the rewards are many.

The Community Service program is handled through the Career Center (room 206). It is recommended that you discuss your service ideas with the Career Technician before you begin, to be sure your chosen activity qualifies for credit toward the silver cord. All hours must be documented and verified. More information, including community service opportunities and all necessary forms, are available on the GVHS Career Center webpage.

White Robe/Gold Stole/CSF Pin:

There are two levels of membership in the California Scholarship Federation.

  • Life Membership (qualify four out of the last six semesters, with one semester in the senior year)
  • 100% Membership (qualify six of the last six semesters).

Memberships of both types earn a white robe and CSF pin to be worn at graduation, a certificate and CSF designation on transcripts and diploma. In addition, 100% members earn a Gold Stole to be worn at graduation. Students must qualify and apply for CSF every semester (please follow the link for more info about CSF).

CTE Pathway Completion: Students who complete a full sequence of three or more courses in a single CTE Pathway will be recognized. More details on this honor will be forthcoming. This opportunity is available starting with the Class of 2020.

Other Adornments: Various other stoles, cords, or pins may be earned by graduates who have met participation requirements in campus organizations like AVID or FFA.

Seal of Biliteracy: If you are proficient in another language(s) besides English, we encourage you to apply for the Seal of Biliteracy on your diploma/transcript. See your counselor if you'd like to apply.

Scholarships: While researching and applying for scholarships is a lot of work, it is effort well spent! Each year GVHS graduates earn an impressive number of scholarships to help them on their continuing academic journey. MUHSD students are lucky to have a dedicated College & Scholarship Counselor to help them navigate the world of financial aid. It is critical that students read every issue of the Senior Newsletter for up-to-date information.

A-G Requirements

California Public Universities: If your goal is to be eligible to apply directly to the California State University or the University of California after you complete high school, you must complete the a-g course requirements (above) with a C or better in approved courses. Successful completion of these requirements does not guarantee admission to any particular campus, but rather, means that you are eligible to be admitted.

Want to know which courses are a-g approved? Click here for the UC/CSU - Approved Course List for GVHS.

Other Universities: If you intend to apply to another university or 4-year college (a private or out-of-state school, for example) it is your responsibility to research the minimum admissions requirements for the school(s) of your choice. Failure to do so in a timely manner could cause you to be ineligible for consideration.

Community Colleges: If you plan to begin your college education at a community college (even if you intend to transfer to a university later) you are not required to complete the a-g requirements. However, taking a rigorous course of study in high school will help prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead! You are encouraged to consider a-g even if you don't think you will go straight to a university.