Credit Recovery

Credit Accrual Program - CAP

What is the Credit Accrual Program (CAP)?

CAP is a credit recovery program offered by the the high school district. Students who need to remediate academic deficiencies (failed classes) may re-take courses in an online format (GradPoint). Students work with their counselors to determine academic need and enroll in the appropriate course(s). Students enrolled in CAP are supervised by a credentialed teacher, but work independently to complete their coursework.

Who can take a CAP course?

Students who can answer yes to the following questions are eligible to take a CAP class:

  1. Am I behind in credits and/or requirements?
  2. Am I willing to give up an elective and/or spend extra time outside of class to work on credit recovery?
  3. Can I read and follow detailed instructions on my own?
  4. Am I comfortable using the Internet as a means of learning, communication and research?
  5. Am I motivated to work hard so I can graduate from high school?

What are the expectations?

After you have been enrolled in the online course, typically within an Academic Support class, you will be expected to maintain good attendance and use class time wisely to complete assignments daily. Although you may work on the course lessons from home, all assessments must be taken in class.

What if I feel like it’s not for me?

The CAP online format is not a great fit for all students. If you have made little progress after 3-4 weeks (only completing 1-3 Units), then please see your counselor so that you can determine if there are other options to remediate credit.

How do I sign up?

You will need to contact your school counselor to check on the availability of the course(s) you need and get enrolled in the program.

Alternative Education

The Merced Union High School District offers various alternative education sites to meet students' individual needs, including credit recovery for those that are significantly behind. These sites are: Sequoia High School, Yosemite High School, Independence High School and Merced Adult School. Descriptions of these schools and their programs can be found at the Merced Union High School District home page.