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AP Courses

Congratulations on your decision to enter our most rigorous level of coursework! Statistics gathered by the College Board on AP classes show that a secondary school curriculum of high intensity and quality, such as that found in AP courses, has the strongest correlation to bachelor's degree completion, while class rank/GPA hold comparatively weak relationships to bachelor's degree completion. Further studies additionally found that 85 percent of those who took AP courses continued their education after high school. (AP College Board Website).

Please review the attached expectations for each of the classes that have been selected. The attached contract should be signed by both parent and student and returned to the Guidance Office. Students who do not have the required signatures will not be allowed to enroll in the class. All signatures will be kept on file in the office. There is a cost of about $91 associated with any AP exam. Some fee waivers are available: Please check with the Guidance Office for more information.

For any further information pertaining to the AP Course selection, please review the Digital Course Catalog.