Grade Monitoring & Extra Help

The GVHS Counseling Department would like to recommend that families commit to a consistent routine of progress monitoring:

  • Do weekly grade checks, preferably on the same day each week, and then set aside time to discuss the grade check with your student.
  • Praise students for successfully following the PROCESS of being a good student, which means good attendance, NO missing assignments, and preparing for tests and presentations.
  • Create a system of consequences/rewards, based on your weekly grade checks--and then be consistent!
  • Follow up with the teacher any time there is a question or concern about what you see in the grade book.

Committing to a routine like this will let your child know that you value good grades and that you are a dedicated member of their support team. Even older students grow to appreciate and count on this consistency. Once they get used to this routine, don't be surprised if they start reminding you!

*Parents without an internet connection at home are encouraged to visit GVHS weekly to use our Parent Center, located inside the Counseling Office. You will find computers for your use, and support staff to assist you.