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Grade Monitoring & Extra Help

Grade Monitoring & Extra Help

The GVHS Counseling Department would like to recommend that families commit to a consistent routine of progress monitoring:

  • Do weekly grade checks, preferably on the same day each week, and then set aside time to discuss the grade check with your student.
  • Praise students for successfully following the PROCESS of being a good student, which means good attendance, NO missing assignments, and preparing for tests and presentations.
  • Create a system of consequences/rewards, based on your weekly grade checks--and then be consistent!
  • Follow up with the teacher any time there is a question or concern about what you see in the grade book.

Committing to a routine like this will let your child know that you value good grades and that you are a dedicated member of their support team. Even older students grow to appreciate and count on this consistency. Once they get used to this routine, don't be surprised if they start reminding you!

*Parents without an internet connection at home are encouraged to visit GVHS weekly to use our Parent Center, located inside the Counseling Office. You will find computers for your use, and support staff to assist you.

  • It's never been easier for students and parents to monitor grades, attendance, and progress toward graduation! Every student at Golden Valley has a student Aeries account and has been taught to log on and navigate the system. Parents are also encouraged to have an account and check grades regularly. Parents simply need to have a valid email address submitted to our system in order to create an account and enjoy these benefits:

    • 24/7 access to your student's most current grade books, available from any device with an internet connection*.
    • The option of having a weekly grade book summary sent to your email--you choose the day and time to receive the email!
    • Real-time access to daily attendance records
    • Access to transcripts and other academic records
    • The ability to update phone numbers, emergency contacts, and other student information

    Hint: Once parents have submitted an email address to us (usually during the student registration process), an Aeries account is automatically created, so please do not create a new one. When accessing your account for the first time, use the "Forgot Password?" link to begin the setup process. If you are asked for a verification passcode during the setup process, please contact the GVHS Library or any counselor for assistance.

    • Teachers! Your best resource for help is always your teacher! Make sure you know when your teachers are available for extra help, and see them outside of class time at the first sign of trouble. They want you to succeed and will be happy to see you making the extra effort.

    • Cougar Academy (ASSETS)! The after-school Assets program provides a variety of academic interventions, including tutorial and homework help. See the Cougar Academy webpage for more information.

  • The Internet is a powerful tool that provides countless opportunities to practice or reinforce what you are learning here at school. Try some of the sites we've listed here, ask your teachers for a recommendation, or do a search of your own!

    • Your Teacher's Website! Did you know that your teachers have their own websites, many of them packed with amazing information and useful tips? Go to the GVHS main page, then the Academics tab, and select the subject you want to explore.
    • Have you discovered Khan Academy? This website offers instructional videos on a huge variety of academic topics, and even some test prep for high-stakes exams like the SAT and the CAHSEE! And it's all absolutely FREE! Use this service to supplement your daily instruction or to get some extra practice before a big test. Khan Academy
    • Improve your study skills! This is a great site with lots of helpful study tips. How to Study.
    • School stuff! At this site you will find articles on a variety of school-related topics. Homework Tips.
    • Let's Speak Spanish! This is a site for students of the Spanish language. Select from a variety of grammar, verb, or vocab topics, do practice drills and take a quiz to chart your progress. Basic membership is free. Studyspanish.
    • Math isn't so hard when you practice! This is a math tutorial website, with step-by-step solutions to problems in a variety of textbooks. Some help is free, while other services require a paid membership. Hotmath.
    • Know those math facts! Need to brush up on your basic math skills? This fun website allows you to create custom worksheets on a variety of math basics. You decide what you need to practice, and the SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator does the rest (including an answer key)!